Real Estate for Financial Advisors
How it Works
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Deliver tailored real estate recommendations to your clients.
Deliver tailored real estate recommendations to
your clients.
Let us be your real estate experts, so you can focus on your clients.
Grow your clients wealth by providing them with access to direct commercial real estate investments on a risk first basis.
Leverage the power of Allocation Intelligence and proprietary industry-first matching algorithms.
How it Works
Individualized Risk Assessment
Quickly create customized risk-based allocation models for all of your clients with our simple, white-label assessment tool.
Proprietary Risk Underwriting
Instantly quantify the underlying risk of investment for all of your participating clients, using our proprietary technology that leverages Allocation Intelligence and
industry leading models.
Personalized Allocation Assessments
Receive individual allocation recommendations for each client based on their target risk model. Easily complete their investment with our White Glove
subscription service
Differentiate Yourself
Adding direct real estate investments to your services benefits both
you and your clients.
For Advisors
For Clients
Differentiated Offerings
Anybody can suggest an allocation model that includes REITs as a proxy for real estate exposure. Differentiate your product offerings by accessing proprietary deal flow of over $1B annually on a risk first basis and win more business.
Direct investments in commercial real estate can provide a much needed increase in yield to your clients’ portfolios. Investments in REITs suffer from a substantial liquidity premium over non-liquid direct investment strategies.
Grow your AUM
Access to the historically walled off asset class of Direct Real Estate Investing will allow you to grow your current clients’ assets under management and allow you to grow your business by winning new clients who appreciate that you are thinking outside the box to achieve their goals.
Offer your clients a responsible method to diversify their investment base into a portfolio of Direct Real Estate Investments ranging from core office or industrial assets to value add or ground up development opportunities.
Increased Client Engagement
Does it feel like you should reach out to a client, but aren’t exactly sure what to engage with them on? Our Custom Allocation Models provide exciting new investment opportunities that trigger more frequent, relevant and engaging contact with your clients.
Wealth Accumulation
Real estate has long been one of the Greatest Wealth Generation Tools used by those who have access to it. We’ve levelled the playing field and now you can provide access to this strategy for your clients, helping grow their wealth and reach their goals.
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