Real Estate for Financial Advisors
For Happiness.
The old way of investing is broken.
Real Estate is hard.
The Challenge
There are so many variables that make comparing one investment opportunity to the next requires an Ivy league education and a full time focus on underwriting and due diligence. Data is opaque if you can get access to it and investments are long commitments.
Does the Starbucks on the going to work side of the road make a better investment than the Burger King on the going home side of the road? Does the office building in Overland Park make a better investment than the warehouse development in the Inland Empire?
Even more important:
Which one is right for you?
Our Core Principles
We Believe.
with Risk
Our guiding principle and the foundation of the ReAllocate platform. Starting with Risk means understanding your unique risk personality.

How much risk are your clients able to take? For how much potential reward?

From there, the focus moves to understanding the inherent risk in every underlying direct real estate investment. Mash those up with our Allocation Intelligence engine and you have the basis for making a great risk adjusted investment decision.
Better Decisions
Through Data
Data is the new oil. Similar to oil, without refinement, it’s really not that great. Data can make us smarter investors but only if we have the right tools to make the most sense of it.

In a vacuum, data can be fit to tell very different stories - it’s the interplay of your personal risk data and the objective risk data of every investment opportunity that allows the best decisions.
is Key
A balanced portfolio is a diversified portfolio. Accessing direct real estate investments is the ideal augment to the public market exposure of REITs or other proxies for real estate investments.

Institutional portfolios have up to 20% of their allocations in real estate, — you should too.
Drives Efficiency
Technology is what allows the opportunity to build a diversified portfolio in smaller increments.

Without it, minimum investments would still be too high and would require far greater capital than most are comfortable investing to build a product mix in the asset class.
To provide you with risk-based investment recommendations so your clients can Invest for Happiness.
Our Mission
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