Real Estate for Financial Advisors
We Believe Real Estate Investing Starts With Risk
When Financial Advisors start with risk, their clients can start to realize the benefits of direct real estate investing.  
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Upload risk profiles and our A.I. will automatically match direct real estate investments with your client risk profiles.
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Your dashboard is your personal control center where you can see which investments match client risk profiles and place investments.
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Technology Disrupter of the Year and Alternative Investment Platform of the Year
How ReAllocate Works
You Gain Access to a Direct Real Estate Market Place
Through our parent company, RealCrowd. You’ll gain access to professionally managed direct real estate investments both in your client’s backyard and all across the country.
A.I. Automatically Quantifies the Risk of Real Estate Investments
Allocation Intelligence will automatically quantify the risk of direct real estate investments so you can understand the risk of investments in just a few seconds.
Control Portfolio Management With Allocation Intelligence
Take out the guess work. With Allocation Intelligence, you will know exactly which real estate investments match client risk profiles so you can efficiently manage and build  client portfolios.
A Philosophy Built On
Start with Risk
A Firm Foundation in Risk Based Analysis
At ReAllocate, our approach to direct real estate investing is based on a belief that real estate risk needs to be objectively quantified in order to invest intelligently.
Better Decision Making Through Data
We take out the emotion and gut-feel that often drives real estate investing decisions and replace it with A.I. driven solely by data.
Personalized Investments Powered by AI
When investment risk meets client risk, everyone can sleep at night. Allocation Intelligence will give your clients the piece of mind that comes when they truly understand why investment decisions are being made.
Empower your Clients to Invest For Happiness
ReAllocate is all about about helping your clients achieve their investment goals so you can give them the joy that they’ve earned.
“We believe direct real estate investments made on a risk-first basis can bring harmony to a portfoilo and joy to a person.”
ReAllocate Team